Sentence Examples

  • A much less wise class than the 7r-computers of modern times are the pseudo-circle-squarers, or circle-squarers technically so called, that is to say, persons who, having obtained by illegitimate means a Euclidean construction for the quadrature or a finitely expressible value for 7r, insist on using faulty reasoning and defective mathematics to establish their assertions.
  • He was much interested, too, in universal algebra, non-Euclidean geometry and elliptic functions, his papers "Preliminary Sketch of Bi-quaternions" (1873) and "On the Canonical Form and Dissection of a Riemann's Surface" (1877) ranking as classics.
  • (1) Generation of the concept through imaginaries and development into a method applicable to Euclidean geometry.
  • 0) 2 = i suitable for non-Euclidean space, and w 2 = o suitable for Euclidean space; we confine ourselves to the second, and will call the indicated bi-quaternion p+wq an octonion.
  • To fix a weighted point and a weighted plane in Euclidean space we require 8 scalars, and not the 12 scalars of a tri-quaternion.

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