Sentence Examples

  • Affied through his mother to the Welfs of Bavaria, and anxious to put an end to the unrest which dominated Germany, especially to the strife between the families of WeIf and Hohenstaufen, Frederick began his reign by promising to secure for Henry the Lion the duchy of Bavaria, and by appeasing Henrys uncle, Count Welf, by making him duke of Spol.eto and margrave of Tuscany.
  • Rsu ht eto Har e„n Chi;ham?o a tton E?l rhead :o n Rel ate Ri plcy ?
  • P eaV 55' uns eto arrstBOYead pp?ssto :Petoenviq' Dit 5to Owermotgne POrfr s k, c ° r 0 r OTtn * ing eno ", 'Lif Melco Scilly Islands West Long.
  • Sibree, Madagascar and its People (London, 1870); Tantara ny Andriana eto Madagascar: Histoire des rois d'Imerina d'apres les manuscrits malgaches, (Antananarivo, 1875); Mullens, Twelve Months in Madagascar (London, 1875); Blanchard, L' Ile de Madagascar (Paris, 18 75); Dahle, Madagaskar og dets Beboere (Christiania, 1876-1878); Sibree and Baron (eds.), The Antananarivo Annual, Nos.
  • - If we take the analogy of a perfect gas and assume s =constant, we have dE 2 /dT 2 = - s/T, dE/dT =s log e To/T (12) E (T -r') =sT log eTo /T-sT"log e To/T (13) where T and T' are the temperatures of the junctions, and T.

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