Sentence Examples

  • The Pulmonata have a straight visceral nerve-loop, usually no operculum even in the embryo, and a multidenticulate radula, the teeth being equi-formal; and they are hermaphrodite.
  • Defeated the Austrians and Russians on the 2nd of December 1805, was fought in the country to the west of Austerlitz, the position of Napoleon's left wing being almost equi-distant from Briinn and from Austerlitz.
  • The potential of such a shell at any internal point is constant, and the equi-potential surfaces for external space are ellipsoids confocal with the ellipsoidal shell.
  • The city is the see of Protestant Episcopal and 1 The cathedral is the centre of the city according to the charter, which describes the city as including "six miles square, of which the sides shall be equi-distant from what is known as the cupola of the cathedral of San Fernando and three miles therefrom."
  • And an approximately achromatic eye-lens, some distance behind it, consisting of an equi-convex crown lens cemented to a concavoplane flint lens, the latter being next to the eye.

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