Sentence Examples

  • The original office of the dean of the Arches may now be regarded as extinct, though the title is still popularly used, for no dean of the Arches has been appointed eo nomine for several centuries, and by an act of 1838 bishops have jurisdiction over all peculiars within their diocese.
  • !eo ahron in t .
  • , n r?eo ers ot e° "o And e itC o S ish e oo, .r1  ?ins G 't' ..
  • Pius had fed on inspirations; Leo was a man of calm, deliberate judgment, little likely to po ' 'L pe eo XIII.
  • A Hesiodic fragment gives a complete description of the Dodonaea or Hellopia, which is called a district full of corn-fields, of herds and flocks and of shepherds, where is built on an extremity (ir' Eo arin) Dodona, where Zeus dwells in the stem of an oak (07y6s).

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