Sentence Examples

  • Bet ore the tonic the same change between a and e constantly takes place; one finds in manuscripts enar, emor for anar, amor (the same extends even to the case of the tonic syllable, ten and sent from t a n t u in and 1 a n c t u m being far from rare), and, on the other hand, antre, arrar, for entre, errar.
  • Hartley, Description of the Delta of the Danube (1862 and 1874); Memoire sur le regime administratif etabli aux embouchures du Danube (Galatz, 1867); Desjardins, Rhone et Danube, a defence of the canalization scheme (Paris, 1870); Carte du Danube entre Braila et la mer, published by the European Commission (Leipzig, 1874); Peters, Die Donau and ihr Gebiet, eine geologische Studie (1876); A.
  • General Brugere, in his speech, quoted Rochambeau's words, uttered in 1781: " Entre vous, XXIII.
  • In this memoir by Gergonne, the theory of duality is very clearly and explicitly stated; for instance, we find " da p s la geometrie plane, a chaque theoreme ii en repond necessairement un autre qui s'en deduit en echangeant simplement entre eux les deux mots points et droites; tandis que dans la geometrie de l'espace ce sont les mots points et plans qu'il faut echanger entre eux pour passer d'un theoreme a son correlatif "; and the plan is introduced of printing correlative theorems, opposite to each other, in two columns.
  • See Heinrich Jacques, Alexis de Tocqueville; ein Lebensand Geistesbild (Vienna, 1876); James Bryce, The Predictions of Tocqueville (Baltimore, 1887); Count de Puymaigre, Les Souvenirs d'Alexis de Tocqueville (1893); and Correspondance entre Alexis de Tocqueville et Arthur de Gobineau (1908).

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