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  • Not only is the whole atmosphere Christian in colouring, but we actually find the Greek gods in the guise of Enoch, Elijah, &c., while Philip is a Christian martyr, and Alexander himself a great apostle, even a saint; quotations from the Bible are frequent.
  • 3; Ethiopic Enoch, lx.
  • Schmidt gave himself out as the incarnation of Enoch, and prophesied the approaching fall of the Church of Rome, the overthrow of the ancient sacraments, and the triumph of flagellation as the only road to salvation.
  • (See especially Charles's Book of Enoch.) The doctrine of the resurrection of the righteous to life in the heavenly world became engrafted on to the old doctrine of Sheol, or the dark shadowy underworld (Hades), where life was joyless and feeble, and from which the soul might be for a brief space summoned forth by the arts of the necromancer.
  • The Messiah's preexistent state before the creation of the world is asserted in the Book of Enoch (xlviii.

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