Sentence Examples

  • The pilgrimage became an act of obedience; and, in the books of penance (Poenitentialia) which date from the early middle ages, it is enjoined - whether for a definite period (e.g.
  • Hillel lived in the memory of posterity chiefly as the great teacher who enjoined and practised the virtues of charity, humility and true piety.
  • The attacks of rationalism, aided by Greek philosophy, were repelled and vanquished by the weapons of scholastic dialectic borrowed from the enemy; on most points of dispute discussion was forbidden altogether, and faith in what is written in Koran and tradition was enjoined without question as to how these things were true (bila kaifa).
  • The elevation of the host, as at present practised, was first enjoined by Pope Honorius III.
  • The reading of the passage from John on days which had not a proper gospel was first enjoined by Pius V.

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