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  • Protopodite, endopodite, exopodite, and epipodite were considered to be the morphological units of the crustacean limb.
  • The endopodite (corresponding to the fifth endite of the limb of Apus, see fig.
  • (4) Three of the rami of the primitive limb (endites 5 and 6, and exite I) specially developed as endopodite, exopodite, and epipodite - the first two often as firm and strongly chitinized, segmented, leg-like structures; the original axis or corm reduced to a basal piece, with or without a distinct gnathobase (endite i)- typical tri-ramose limb of higher Crustacea.
  • (5) One ramus (the endopodite) alone developed - the original axis or corm serving as its basal joint with or without gnathobase.
  • (6) Two rami developed (usually, but perhaps not always, the equivalents of the endopodite and exopodite) supported on the somewhat elongated corm (basal segment).

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