Sentence Examples

  • By understanding and combining what was great and valuable in those divided and scattered endeavours, he became the true successor of Leibnitz.
  • Of these, the former endeavours to explain the most elaborate psychical activities of men as developments of elementary forms of conscious processes in the animal kingdom as a whole; the latter is a defence of the theory of natural selection against the attacks of St George Mivart, and appeared in an English edition on the suggestion of Darwin.
  • All Podébrad's endeavours to establish peace with Rome proved ineffectual, and though the death of Pius II.
  • (1889), where he endeavours to prove the identity of Typhon with the Phoenician Zephon (BaalZephon, translated in Gesenius's Thesaurus by "locus Typhonis" or "Typhoni saar"), signifying "darkness," "the north wind," and perhaps "snake"; A.
  • The total gains of all his strenuous endeavours amounted to the acquisition of a few places on the borders of Montferrat.

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