Sentence Examples

  • And xxv.; "Contributions to the Embryology of the Marsupialia," Quart.
  • Embryology of the Siphonophora.
  • The school of Cuvier was lamentably deficient in embryologists; and it was only in the course of the first thirty years of the igth century that Prevost and Dumas in France, and, later on, Ddllinger, Pander, von Bar, Rathke, and Remak in Germany, founded modern embryology; and, at the same time, proved the utter incompatibility of the hypothesis of evolution as formulated by Bonnet and Haller with easily demonstrable facts.
  • As civil history may be divided into biography, which is the historyof individuals, and universal history, which is the history of the human race, so evolution falls naturally into two categories - the evolution of the individual (see Embryology) and the evolution of the sum of living beings.
  • If Meckel's proposition is so far qualified, that the comparison of adult with embryonic forms is restricted within the limits of one type of organization; and if it is further recollected, that the resemblance between the permanent lower form and the embryonic stage of a higher form is not special but general, it is in entire accordance with modern embryology; although there is no branch of biology which has grown so largely, and improved its methods so much since Meckel's time, as this.

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