Sentence Examples

  • In the other classes of Arthropoda we have more or less complete embryological evidence on the subject.
  • Eleven somites follow these, forming the abdominal " tagma," giving thus 1 Embryological evidence of this is still wanting.
  • In Diplopoda (Julus, &c.) the results of embryological study point to a composition of the front part of the head exactly similar to that which we find in Onychophora.
  • There is, however, good embryological evidence in some Hexapods of the existence of a seventh somite, the supra-lingual, occurring between the somite of the mandibles and the somite of the first maxillae (4).
  • The immediate cavities or pits into which the tracheal stigmata open appear to be in many cases ectodermic in sinkings, but there seems to be no reason (based on embryological observation) for regarding the tracheae as an ingrowth of the ectoderm.

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