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  • Certain priesthoods in the first stage (§ 1 [a]) claimed descent from these prototypes, and it is interesting to observe (1) the growing importance of Aaron in the later sources of "the Exodus," and (2) the relation between Mosheh (Moses) and his two sons Gershom and Eliezer, on the one side, and the Levitical names Mushi (i.e.
  • Eliezer, of the 8th or 9th century, a sort of history of creation and of the patriarchs, and the Tanna debe Eliyahu (an ethical work of the 10th century but containing much that is old), besides a large number of minor compositions.'
  • The later Rabbis wore most sumptuous apparel, and were crowned until the death of Eliezer ben Azarya.
  • According to one rather obscure narrative, Abram's sole heir was the servant, who was over his household, apparently a certain Eliezer of Damascus' (xv.
  • The number is precisely that of the total numerical value of the consonants of the name "Eliezer" (Gen.

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