Sentence Examples

  • (the "Winter King") was driven from his dominions, the electoral privilege was transferred to Bavaria, and in 1648, by the Peace of Westphalia, an eighth electorate was created for the Wittelsbachs of the Palatinate, and was exercised by the senior branch of the family.
  • The death without direct heirs of Duke John William in 1609 led to serious complications in which almost all the states of Europe were concerned; however, by the treaty of Xanten in 1614, Cleves passed to the elector of Brandenburg, being afterwards incorporated with the electorate by the great elector, Frederick William.
  • If voting was eating, it would have to be said the electorate is barely snacking and is looking anorexic.
  • Yet the Labor party are continuing the Tory policy of trying to bribe the electorate, instead of maintaining proper levels of public expenditure.
  • New Brunswick have indeed proposed to ban dual candidacies, [4] the final decision still rests with the electorate however.

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