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  • ECGONINE, in chemistry, C 9 H 15 NO 3, a cycloheptane derivative with a nitrogen bridge.
  • It is obtained by hydrolysing cocaine with acids or alkalis, and crystallizes with one molecule of water, the crystals melting at 198° to 199° C. It is laevo-rotatory, and on warming with alkalis gives iso-ecgonine, which is dextro-rotatory.
  • The above compounds may be represented as: CH 2 -CH--CH COOH CH 2 -CH-CH'COOH CH2-CH-CH'COOH N'CH3 CH'OH I N 'CH3 C H N CH3 CH2 CH 2 -CH-CH 2 CH2-CH---CH CH2 - C H-CH2 Ecgonine Anhydroecgonine Hydroecgonidine
  • Atropine; cocaine; hygrine; ecgonine; pelletierine.
  • The conversion of the mixture obtained by extracting coca-leaves into cocaine is effected by saponifying the esters into ecgonine and the respective acids, and then benzoylating and methylating the ecgonine.

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