Sentence Examples

  • If a battery of electromotive force E maintain a current C in a conductor, and no other electromotive force exist in the circuit, the whole of the work done will be converted into heat, and the amount of work done per second will be EC. If R denote the resistance of the whole circuit, E = CR, and the heat generated per second is C 2 R.
  • Then the work done by the battery per second will be EC' or CC'R, while the heat generated per second will be C' 2 R, so that we have the difference (C - C')C'R for the energy consumed in driving the engine.
  • C, Cordylus, composed of flattened ectoderm ec covering a large-celled endodermal axis en.
  • PN', concentric chamber of EC, Edge of colony prolonged bethe pneumatophore, showing yond the pneumatophore.
  • Per lb; then the mechanical energy available in footpounds per hour is approximately 0-06 X 778 X Ec, and this expressed in horse-power units gives I.H.P. - o 06X778XEc _648.1,980,000.

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