Sentence Examples

  • 19) represent a gun at height BD above water-level DC, elevated to such an angle that a shot would strike the water at C. Draw EB parallel to DC. It is clear that under these conditions, if a tangent sight AF be raised to a height F representing the elevation due to the range BC, the object C will be on the line of sight.
  • 1, and the Salomon Symphonies in D and Eb, while there is hardly an instrumental composition of Haydn's in which his own melodies do not show some traces of the same influence.
  • X is the mirror rotating about the point E, and placed so that (if EB is the horizontal direction in which the rays are to be reflected) (I) the normal CE to the mirror is jointed to BC at C and is equal in length to BE, (2) the rod DBC passes through a slot in a rod ED fixed to, and in the plane of, the mirror.
  • 1(/?hi Sh f f ord - o' °kle d o ?eb >, ?y pt{lp h S d n?
  • Then the intersection of EB and DB' determines a point P on the (true) curve.

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