Sentence Examples

  • He suffered the torments of dyspepsia; he was often sleepless, and the crowing of " demon-fowls " in neighbours' yards drove him wild.
  • Dyspepsia, many visitors come to Alhama in spring and autumn, attracted also by the fine scenery of the district.
  • Among the revisions may be adduced some addition to our knowledge of dyspepsia, attained by analytic investigations into the contents of the stomach at various stages of digestion, and by examining the passage of opaque substances through the primae vine by the Rntgen rays.
  • Internally it is useful in certain forms of dyspepsia, but as some patients are quite unable to tolerate the drug, it must always be administered in very small doses at first, the quantity being slowly increased as tolerance is shown.
  • "By protracted vigils," says Beza, "he secured indeed a solid erudition and an excellent memory; but it is probable he at the same time sowed the seeds of that disease (dyspepsia) which occasioned him various illnesses in after life, and at last brought upon him premature death."

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