Sentence Examples

  • Fossils are less common in the Upper Old Red Sandstone, though they are found - particularly fishes - in large numbers in certain spots, as at Dura Den, near Cupar-Fife.
  • Duren derives its name, not, as was at one time believed, from the Marcodurum of the Ubii, mentioned in Tacitus, but from the Dura or Duria, assemblies held by the Carolingians in the 8th century.
  • In the sandstone of Dura Den, a ravine on Ceres Burn, 2z M.
  • Foramina by which the optic, trigeminal and portio dura, and abducens nerves leave the skull.
  • As regards the inner ear, the endolymphatic duct ends in a closed saccus, imbedded in the dura mater of the cranial cavity.