Sentence Examples

  • Pratia - P. angulata is a pretty plant for the rock garden, creeping over the soil like the Fruiting Duckweed; the flowers white, and like a dwarf Lobelia, numerous in autumn, giving place to violet-colored berries about the size of Peas.
  • Fruiting Duckweed (Nertera) - N. depressa is a pretty creeping and minute plant, thickly studded with tiny reddish-orange berries, and with minute round leaves which are suggestive of the Duckweed of our stagnant pools.
  • DUCKWEED, the common botanical name for species of Lemna which form a green coating on fresh-water ponds and ditches.
  • The familiar duckweed which covers the surface of a pond consists of a tiny green "thalloid" shoot, one, that is, which shows no distinction of parts - stem and leaf, and a simple root growing vertically downwards into the water.

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