Sentence Examples

  • Homemade or purchased votives can be made into dripless candles by simply adding a layer of hard wax to the candle.To accomplish this, pick up a wax additive like vybar, hard micro wax, or translucent crystals at a candle supply store.
  • Whether you're making an elaborate candle arrangement or simply burning a couple of votives for ambiance, dripless candles make it easy to enjoy the warm light and atmosphere without worrying about making a mess.
  • Dripless candles are popular with people who enjoy using candle centerpieces or other arrangements, since the candles won't make a mess at the base of the arrangement.
  • Many candle makers like to soak their finished candles in a salt water bath for 24 hours before burning, claiming that this makes them dripless.
  • Many people prefer to use dripless votive candles to prevent messy melted wax from streaming down the sides of the candles as they burn.

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