Sentence Examples

  • Wyat took possession of Southwark, and expected to have been admitted into London; but finding the gates shut against him and the drawbridge cut down he marched to Kingston, the bridge at which place had been destroyed.
  • Formerly a moat flanked the city on theland sides, and a drawbridge at each of six gates was raised every night.
  • Ferry-boats plied between the landingplaces of the gates, and a movable drawbridge (30 ft.
  • The drawbridge of London Bridge having been lowered by treachery, Tyler and his followers crossed the Thames; and being joined by thousands of London apprentices, artisans and criminals, they sacked and burnt John of Gaunt's splendid palace of the Savoy, the official residence of the treasurer, Sir Robert Hales, and the prisons of Newgate and the Fleet.
  • An excellent harbour is furnished by the natural channel between the two islands; and communication from one division to the other is afforded by two bridges - the Langebro and the Knippelsbro, which replaced the wooden drawbridge built by Christian IV.