Sentence Examples

  • On the other hand, Tissaphernes undertook to pay the Peloponnesian sailors a daily wage of one Attic drachma (afterwards reduced to a drachma).
  • Böckh decides that the "Alexandrian drachma" was 6/5ths of the Solonic 67, or = 80.5, and shows that it was not Ptolemaic, or Rhodian, or Aeginetan, being distinguished from these in inscriptions (2).
  • Then Attic: Euboic or Aeginetan :: 18:25 in the metrologists (2), and the Euboic talent = 7000 "Alexandrian" drachmae; the drachma therefore is 80.0.
  • The greater part of those weights which bear names indicate a mina of double the usual reckoning, so that there was a light and a heavy system, a mina of the drachma and a mina of the stater, as in the Phoenician and Assyrian weights.
  • A derivation from this was the 1/3 of 172, or 57.3, the so-called Phocaean drachma, equal in silver value to the 1/60 of the gold 258 grains.