Sentence Examples

  • ' duschcn, to strike or fall), one who uses, or of using, the dowsing-rod (called "deusing-rod" by John Locke in 1691), or "striking-rod" or divining-rod, for discovering subterranean minerals or water.
  • (ii.) The divining rod is the best-known example of this class; divination depending on automatic movements of this sort is found at all stages of culture; in Australia it is used to detect the magician who has caused the death of a native; in medieval and modern times water-divining or dowsing has been largely and successfully used.
  • 'DOWSER and DOWSING (from the Cornish "dowse," M.E.
  • According to Cornish tradition, the divining or dowsing rod is guided to lodes by the pixies, the guardians of the treasures of the earth.

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