Sentence Examples

  • A 14th-century MS. Book of Prayers in the Francis Douce collection in the Bodleian library at Oxford contains a drawing in which two persons are shown, but they bowl to no mark.
  • 874) of the Commentary on the Apocalypse gives the owner's name in a coeval hand as " Richard Schepard, presbiter," and the Catholic Epistles of MS. Douce 250 3 were probably glossed for the benefit of men in religious orders, if one may judge from a short Commentary to James ii.
  • 30, the second in the same and in MS. Douce 148 in the Bodleian library, Oxford.
  • By his marriage with Aldonza or Douce of Pro vence he acquired territory in south-eastern France.
  • 959, Douce 369).