Sentence Examples

  • 1827), an authority upon banking and economics generally; and Sir Reginald Francis Douce Palgrave.
  • A 14th-century MS. Book of Prayers in the Francis Douce collection in the Bodleian library at Oxford contains a drawing in which two persons are shown, but they bowl to no mark.
  • 874) of the Commentary on the Apocalypse gives the owner's name in a coeval hand as " Richard Schepard, presbiter," and the Catholic Epistles of MS. Douce 250 3 were probably glossed for the benefit of men in religious orders, if one may judge from a short Commentary to James ii.
  • The prestige enjoyed by the French language, which, in the 14th century, the author of the Maniere de language calls "le plus bel et le plus gracious language et plus noble parler, apres latin d'escole, qui soft au monde et de touz genz mieulx prisee et amee que nul autre (quar Dieux le fist si douce et amiable principalement a l'oneur et loenge de luy mesmes.
  • 30, the second in the same and in MS. Douce 148 in the Bodleian library, Oxford.

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