Sentence Examples

  • Coats: If you are looking for something to wear when the temperatures dip below freezing or something just for those chilly days, check out the great coat collection that includes everything from stadium jackets to double-breasted peacoats.
  • If you want to emulate the iconic trench-coat look made popular by Hollywood, go for beige or tan coat that is double-breasted, with side slant pockets, a back vent, and shoulder epaulets.
  • While most body shapes look best in a single-breasted style, some pear shapes can pull off a double-breasted style and use it to create a signature look for their working attire.
  • A single breasted coat has a longer, slimmer look but a double-breasted coat - so standard in most 1940s noir films - broadens the chest and creates a powerful appearance.
  • Still, when necessary, men did dress in black, double-breasted dinner jackets (previously considered extremely informal and even offensive) and matching ties.