Sentence Examples

  • Opposite it is the Dopper Church, in which Kruger used occasionally to preach.
  • His Dopper following was always unswerving in its support, and at all critical times in the internal quarrels of the state rallied round him.
  • The others are the Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, an offshoot of the Church of the same name at the Cape, and the Gereformeerde Kerk (the " Dopper " Church) with some 15,000 members and adherents in the Transvaal.
  • The " Dopper " Church, an offshoot of the Separatist Reformed Church of Holland, is distinguished from the other Dutch churches in being more rigidly Calvinistic and " Biblical," and in not using hymns.
  • Of these the narrowest, most puritanical, and most bigoted was the Dopper sect, to which Kruger belonged.

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