Sentence Examples

  • 1 exp(Adlo + vdol) = (1+/oD10+ v Doi +..�+ VQ +.�.)f; now, since the introduction of the new quantities 1.1., v results in the addition to the function (plglp2g2p3g3...) of the new terms A PI Pg1 (p 2q2 p 3g3���) +/ AP2Pg2 (p 1 g 1P343 ...)+/ Z3vg3 (p l g i p 2 g 2 ...)+ �, we find DP141(plqip2q2p3q3���) = (p 2 q 2 p 3 q 3���), and thence D P141 D P242 D P343 ��.
  • In Doi I Mahmud, after a short campaign against the Afghans under Mahommed ibn Stir in the hill country of Ghur, marched again into the Punjab.