Sentence Examples

  • VINCENZO DANDOLO, Count (1758-1819), Italian chemist and agriculturist, was born at Venice, of good family, though not of the same house as the famous doges, and began his career as a physician.
  • At present the magnificent council chambers for the different legislative bodies of the Venetian republic and the state apartments of the doges are richly decorated with gilt carving and panelling in the style of the later Renaissance.
  • Giovanni e Paolo was the usual burying-place of the doges, and contains many noble mausoleums of various dates.
  • Near the harbour is the Gothic palace of the doges of Venice, which is now used as a seminary.
  • MOROSINI, a noble Venetian family, probably of Hungarian extraction, which gave many doges, statesmen, generals and admirals to the Venetian Republic, and cardinals to the Church.