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  • Lightfoot, however, has proved that Polycarp's statements may equally well be directed against Corinthianism or any other form of Docetism, while some of his arguments are absolutely inapplicable to Marcionism.
  • It is a paradox that he should be invoked " to prove the reality of Jesus Christ " (as against Docetism), and yet that it should be contended at the same time that for him " ideas, and not events, were the true realities."
  • It was held that the system of Apollinaris was really Docetism (see Docetae), that if the Godhood without constraint swayed the manhood there was no possibility of real human probation or of real advance in Christ's manhood.
  • Docetism, however, undoubtedly existed before the time of Cassianus.
  • Traces of a Jewish Docetism are to be found in Philo; and in the Christian form it is generally supposed to be combated in the writings of John, 2 and more formally in the epistles of Ignatius.

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