Sentence Examples

  • Dn, dorsal nerve.
  • Let V i and V2 be the potentials at points just outside and inside the surface dS, and let n l and n 2 be the normals to the surface dS drawn outwards and inwards; then - dV i /dn i and - dV 2 dn 2 are the normal components of the force over the ends of the imaginary small cylinder.
  • Hence the total flux through the surface considered is - {(dV i /dn l)-}-(dV 2 /dn 2)}dS, and this by a previous theorem must be equal to 47radS, or the total included electric quantity.
  • The electric force outward from that point is - dV/dn, where do is a distance measured along the outwardly drawn normal, and the force within the surface is zero.
  • Hence we have - dV /dn = 4lra or a = - (1 /47r) dV /dn = E/42r.

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