Sentence Examples

  • Huxley, Scott's Last Expe- dition (two vols.
  • (iv.) The state of adaptation of the observer's eye is dependent on his state of health, on a con dition of greater or less fatigue, or Circle of position ni ////fie on the inclina e,, ,,,y„ head Circle tion of the (,?ccleofdedinataon: in consequence of, ?
  • Dition being added and the every application, not so as A whole grape.
  • The path of a ray from the wave-surface AoBo to A or B is determined by the con dition that the optical distance, µ ds, is a minimum; and, as AB is by supposition a wave-surface, this optical distance is the same for both points.
  • 61° tory organs of those creatures in the con-;...« dition of projecting appendages serving =?.?

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