Sentence Examples

  • The dispossessed heirs of the old owners had either to sink to the condition of peasants, or to throw themselves upon.
  • The Allies were in their turn dispossessed by Pichegru in December and forced to retreat behind the Rhine.
  • The dispossessed men carried to America an undying hatred of England which had much to say to the American revolution, and that again reacted on Ireland.
  • Both the veterans, who soon wasted what they had acquired, and the dispossessed cultivators joined the partisans of Catiline, and Manlius, one of his supporters, made his headquarters at Faesulae.
  • In the case of the annexation of the territories of the Transvaal republic and Orange Free State, a rather complicated situation arose out of the facts, on the one hand, that the ceding states closed their own existence and left no recourse to third parties against the previous ruling authority, and, on the other, that, having no means owing to the de facto British occupation, of raising money by taxation, the dispossessed governments raised money by selling certain securities, more especially a large holding of shares in the South African Railway Company, to neutral purchasers.