Sentence Examples

  • As a separate state it dates only from about 1730, the time of the dismemberment of the Mogul empire.
  • To him mainly it was due that France was saved from dismemberment, and received a constitution which, to use his own words, " united crown and representatives of the people in a sense of common interests."
  • Experience has shown that the views which led to the dismemberment of South Africa were mistaken ones....
  • The energy of Danton, the organizing skill of Carnot, and the high spirit of the French nation, resolute at all costs to avoid dismemberment, had well employed the respite given by the sluggishness of the Allies.
  • As Sweden was known to be exhausted by the long wars of Gustavus Adolphus and his successors, and weakened by internal dissensions, the dismemberment seemed an easy matter, and Peter embarked on the scheme with a light heart; but his illusions were quickly dispelled by the eccentric young Swedish king, Charles XII., who arrived suddenly in Esthonia and completely routed the Russian army before Narva.

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