Sentence Examples

  • The allied squadron, however, was stopped by the forts at the mouth of the Peiho, which fired on the vessels; a landing party, which was disembarked to storm the forts, met with a disastrous check, and the squadron had to retire with an acknowledged loss of three gunboats and 400 men.
  • It disembarked, under the command of Sir Arthur Wellesley, at Figueras on the 1st of Peninsular War.
  • In 1710 a squadron, commanded by Duclerc, disembarked 1000 men, and attacked Rio de Janeiro.
  • During the forenoon a good landing-place was found inside the bay on its northern side, and the contingent of the Toth Division from Mudros disembarked at this point.
  • The very few Ottoman guns which had been causing the freshly disembarked troops a good deal of annoyance during the 7th had been withdrawn for fear of capture, the defenders fully expecting a forward move by the Allies.