Sentence Examples

  • Focus by two tangents drawn from a point), and (having given the focus and a double ordinate) he uses the focus and directrix to obtain any number of points on a parabola - the first instance on record of the practical use of the directrix.
  • The cartesian equation referred to the axis and directrix is y=c cosh (x/c) or y = Zc(e x / c +e x / c); other forms are s = c sinh (x/c) and y 2 =c 2 -1-s 2, being the arc measured from the vertex; the intrinsic equation is s = c tan The radius of curvature and normal are each equal to c sec t '.
  • The surface formed by revolving the catenary about its directrix is named the alysseide.
  • 1, where P is a point on the curve equidistant from the fixed line AB, known as the directrix, and the fixed point F known as the focus.
  • The line CD passing through the focus and perpendicular to the directrix is the axis or principal diameter, and meets the curve in the vertex G.

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