Sentence Examples

  • Two oxides of iridium are known, namely the sesquioxide, Ir203, and the dioxide, Ir02, corresponding to which there are two series of salts, the sesqui-salts and the iridic salts; a third series of salts is also known (the iridious salts) derived from an oxide IrO.
  • It is a bluish-black powder which at high temperatures decomposes into the metal, dioxide and oxygen.
  • Iridium dioxide, Ir0 2, may be obtained as small needles by heating the metal to bright redness in a current of oxygen (G.
  • Potassium iridium sesquichloride, K 3 IrC1 6.3H 2 O, is obtained by passing sulphur dioxide into a suspension of potassium chloriridate in water until all dissolves, and then adding potassium carbonate to the solution (C. Claus, Jour.
  • We can prepare, in the laboratory, a white powder that proves to be calcium carbonate, that is, it appears to be wholly composed of carbon dioxide and lime.

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