Sentence Examples

  • The A 3 acid is Sodium obtained by eliminating the elements of amalgam water from 4-oxy-cyclo-hexane-i-carb- p1.4 Dihydro oxylic acid (W.
  • It is the most stable of the dihydro acids.
  • The relationships existing between the various hydrophthalic acids may be shown as follows: - Dihydro (Trans.) Acetic anhydride A 3.5 Dihydro (Cis.) A.
  • Dihydro Anhydride with acetic anhydride Sodium amalgam in faintly alkaline solution Sodium amalgam (hot) .1 Hydrobromide on reduction Remove H Br from 1.3 Dihydro dibromide Cyclo-heptane Group. Cyclo-heptane (suberane), C 7 H 14, obtained by the reduction of suberyl iodide, is a liquid which boils at 117° C. On treatment with bromine in the presence of aluminium bromide it gives chiefly pentabromtoluene.
  • Sodium amalgam (hot) Sodium amalgam ± acetic acid Phthalic Acid Sodium amalgam (cold) Bo with Dihydro o Boil with water water 1'5 Dihydro Sodium amalgam Boil + NaOH Tetrahydro Dibromide -{- Reduce alcoholic potash D1HYDRO TEREPhthalic Acid Tropilene, C 7 H 10 0, is obtained in small quantities by the distillation of methyltropine methyl hydroxide, and by the hydrolysis of 13methyltropidine with dilute hydrochloric acid.

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