Sentence Examples

  • - For a general account of the digestive organs, see Alimentary Canal.
  • They are metamerically placed, and belong to the same metamere as the digestive caeca, thus alternating with the generative sacs.
  • The digestive system consists of a simple or bifurcated sac, opening through the mouth by means of a "pharynx bulbosus," adapted to act primarily as a sucker, and secondarily, when drawing blood, as an aspirator.
  • The visceral commissure, while still surrounding the digestive tract, becomes looped; its right half, with its proper ganglion, passes to the left side over the dorsal face of the alimentary canal (whence the name supra-intestinal), while the left half passes below towards the right side, thus originating the name infra-intestinal given to this half and to its ganglion.
  • The digestive tract of Patella offers some interesting features.