Sentence Examples

  • The Thracians differed only dialectically from the Illyrians (Strabo), their tongue being closely allied to Greek.
  • PUMP, 1 a machine which drives a liquid from one point to another, generally at different levels, the latter being usually the higher; an air-pump is an appliance for exhausting or I The word appears apparently first in English in the Promptorium Parvulorum, c. 1440, of a ship's pump (hauritorium), in Dutch (pompe), a little later, dialectically, of a conduit pipe for water, but in the sense of a means of raising water it does not occur in Dutch or Ger.
  • Their proper names show that before and even during the Persian age their languages differed only dialectically from Hebrew.
  • The Sophists were the first in Greece to dissolve knowledge into individual and momentary opinion (Protagoras), or dialectically to deny the possibility of knowledge (Gorgias).
  • Since, moreover, the Hebrew root n-z-r is only dialectically different from n-d-r, " to vow," both corresponding to the same original Semitic root (Arab.

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