Sentence Examples

  • This fact is overshadowed in England, partly by the habitual use of the word "gentleman" (q.v.) in various secondary uses, partly by the prevalent confusion between ai dg retry.
  • From the series for G and H just obtained it is easy to verify that dH = - 7rvG, dv av - dG _ 7rvH -1.
  • Origin up to the moving origin 0, so that dy x=y=z=o, but dt U, dt= ' dG _ dyl =l (- yi y3Q x2w+xiv) +m (dY2yP+Yrxu+xw) +n (?
  • F" =S 0 0 - (n+1)cp+bp+B„ dG"/dO (p const) =0" = dJ"/dB (v const)..
  • (39) dG"/dp (D const) =v, dJ"/dv (0 const) = p. (40) And all the properties of the substance may be expressed in terms of G or J and their partial differential coefficients.

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