Sentence Examples

  • Owing to the deltaic nature of the Nile Valley, the fields on the banks are 3 ft.
  • The district is a deltaic tract, bordering south on the sea and traversed by many tidal creeks.
  • East of the Rangoon river and still within the deltaic area, though cut off from the main delta by the southern end of the Pegu Yomas, lies the mouth of the Sittang.
  • North of the apex of the delta and the boundary between the deltaic and inland tracts, the rainfall gradually lessens as far as Minbu, where what was formerly called the rainless zone commences and extends as far as Katha.
  • The climate of Bhagalpur partakes of the character both of the deltaic districts of Bengal and of the districts of Behar, between which it is situated.

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