Sentence Examples

  • Half the population of his planet had been decimated by famine and war.
  • Jerusalem was saved eventually by a plague, which decimated the Assyrian army and obliged Sennacherib to return to Nineveh.
  • The Moors decimated the native population; when they in turn were expelled, the country lost not only a numerically large section of its inhabitants, but the section best able to develop its natural wealth.
  • The king a prisoner, the dauphin discredited and deserted, and the nobility decimated, The states the peoplethat is to say, the states-generalcould 1356 raise their voice.
  • After the feudal vassals, decimated Struggle by the wars of religion and the executioners hand, with the and after the recalcitrant taxpayers, the Protestants, Protest- in their turn, and by their own fault, experienced this.

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