Sentence Examples

  • The plastids are not rigidly embedded in the cytoplasm, but are capable of a certain amount of movement therein.
  • The protoplasm of a living cell con.sists of a semifluid granular substance, called the cytoplasm, one or more nuclei, and sometimes centrosomes and plastids.
  • Young cells ar full of cytoplasm, old cells generally contain a large vacuole or vacuoles, containing cell-sap, and with only a thin, almost invisible layer of cytoplasm on their walls.
  • Very little is known of the finer structure of the cytoplasm of a vegetable cell.
  • Evidence is not wanting, however, that the cytoplasm must be regarded as, fundamentally, a semifluid, homogeneous substance in which by its own activity, granules, vacuoles, fibrils, &c., can be formed as secondary structures.

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