Sentence Examples

  • The centre of her worship was Cydonia, whence it extended to Sparta and Aegina (where she was known as Aphaea) and the islands of the Mediterranean.
  • Canea probably occupies the site of the ancient Cydonia, a city of very early foundation and no small importance.
  • The neighbouring plain is famous for its fruitfulness, and the quince is said to derive its name Cydonia from the town.
  • Along with Gortyna and Cydonia, it held for many years the supremacy over the whole of Crete; and it always took a prominent part in the civil wars which from time to time desolated the island.
  • 40) with Asclepiades the Samian, and Lycidas, " the goatherd, of Cydonia," may well be the poet Astacides, whom Callimachus calls "the Cretan, the goatherd."