Sentence Examples

  • As Russian troops poured into Abkhazia and later an invasion and partial occupation of Georgia, a massive cyber attack swept through Georgia, threatening to isolate the small country and its tremendous battle for freedom and sovereignty.
  • These little buggers aren't meant to replace our real life furry friends, but if you are allergic to cats or dogs or just don't have the time to care for one then a cyber pet (also known as a virtual pet) may be your best solution.
  • Each year, stores and websites keep their Cyber Monday specials close to the vest and very little is revealed about the deals until the Sunday before the big day although some will start leaking ads as early as November 1.
  • In fact, shortly after opening the cyber doors to Sowhatif, the fledgling company was inundated with requests for information on where to locate plus size formal dresses appropriate for prom and other special occasions.
  • There are tons of sites out there that specialize in brokering deals between buyers and sellers, as well as current and former cyber squatters who just so happen to sit on a chunk of good domains waiting for an offer.