Sentence Examples

  • The arguments had been regarded as alternative or else as cumulative proofs, all pointing to one conclusion - God exists.
  • Again, the curious distortions on the stems of nettles attacked by the Aecidium form of the heteroecious Puccina (]aricis (see FUNGf for Heteroecism), or on maize stems and leaves attacked by Ustilago Maydis, or on the inflorescence of crucifers infested with Cystopus, &c., are not individually very destructive; it is the cumulative effects of numerous attacks or of extensive epidemics which eventually tell.
  • The act is cumulative only, and does not take away or restrain any punishment prescribed by ecclesiastical law.
  • The idea of God is a cumulative intuition given by all the various faculties of the mind, in its observation of harmony in nature and in man.
  • Since all soluble lead compounds are strong cumulative poisons, danger is involved in using lead cisterns or pipes in the distribution of pure waters.

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