Sentence Examples

  • On the 22nd of October, the day after Trafalgar, the remnant of the Austrian army, 23,000 strong, laid down its arms. About 5000 men under Jellachich had escaped to Tirol, 2000 cuirassiers with Prince Ferdinand to Eger in Bohemia, and about io,000 men under Werneck, had surrendered at Heidenheim.
  • The first charge of the French was repulsed, but the second attempt, made by heavy masses of cuirassiers, was more serious.
  • The French cuirassiers made repeated charges on the flank of Rosenberg's force, and for long delayed the assault, and in the villages Lannes with a single division made a heroic and successful resistance, till night ended the battle.
  • Bredow's command (six squadrons of the r6th Ulans and 7th Cuirassiers) was at that moment drawn up under cover about half a mile west of Vionville, and from its position could see nothing of the events in progress on the battlefield.
  • Gaining at last room to form, the Swedes charged and routed the first line of the Imperial cavalry but were stopped by the heavy squadrons of cuirassiers in second line, and at that moment Gustavus galloped away to the centre where events had taken a serious turn.