Sentence Examples

  • The piers carrying the arches have shafts at their angles, the earliest examples known, and the decoration of the walls consists of friezes, borders, and impost-bands, all enriched with conventional patterns interwoven with cufic characters and modelled in stucco.
  • Two inscriptions in Cufic characters surround the vase, but they, it would seem, are merely ornamental and destitute of meaning.
  • Cufic inscriptions on the façade record its erection in the 9th and its restoration in the 15th century A.D.
  • The cemetery covers a large area and has thousands of Cufic and Arabic inscriptions.
  • Arabic writing, as known to us from documents of the early Mahommedan period, exhibits two principal types which are known respectively as the Cufic and the nashki.

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