Sentence Examples

  • The crural glands, which occur in many terrestrial Arthropods, are epidermal in origin and totally distinct from the coxal glands.
  • The Crural Plexus is divided into a crural, ischiadic and pubic portion.
  • The name " coxal gland " needs to be carefully distinguished from " crural gland," with which it is apt to be confused.
  • As pairs in each ring-like segment or somite of the body, and some of these are in all cases retained as gonoducts and often as renal excretory organs (green glands, coxal glands of Arachnida, not crural glands, which are epidermal in origin); but true nephridia, genetically identical with the nephridia of earthworms, do not occur (on the subject of coelom, coelomoducts and nephridia, see the introductory chapter of part ii.
  • A.g, Enlarged crural glands of last p, Common duct into which vasa pair of legs.