Sentence Examples

  • Mr Crowe, consul-general in the island, in 1885, stated that " the institution was rapidly dying, - that in a year, or at most two, slavery, even in its then mild form, would be extinct."
  • EYRE EVANS CROWE (1799-1868), English journalist and historian, was born about the year 1 799.
  • At last on Dec. 9 1919 the Supreme Council (Clemenceau, Polk and Crowe) addressed a memorandum to Italy, outlining new terms of settlement - viz.
  • ' Another painting of the same subject in the Doria Palace in Rome (usually attributed to Darer) is given to Schongauer by Crowe and Cavalcaselle, Flemish Painters (London, 1872), p. 359; but the execution is not equal to Schongauer's wonderful touch.
  • Ra»'linsOrt Crowe F _ Oritanally proposed to be sleg raised kw liver-pool, I Arttheial reservoir fur -t supplying Liverpool the steeply 01'Rui urybwa - For the supply of Bireo yhart Rill Merthyr 1 dfl)_.